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An rare English opportunity in Switzerland

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Below, an exciting opportunity in Switzerland. First…

In May 2015, I was given the opportunity to speak with a number of clients of World Radio Switzerland in Geneva. They clearly like the station, which works well at attracting the high amount of English speakers in this affluent country. The station is now on DAB in many parts of Switzerland: and given Switzerland starts switching FM off next year, their DAB availability is a valuable thing - and rare, since the multiplex in Geneva is full. Attendees to Radiodays Europe may remember them broadcasting from the event in Lausanne, too. I’ve always thought positively of the station, and of the people there.

Enclosed with this email is a document with more information that I’ve been asked to send on to you. Yes, the below is paid advertising, but having worked with the station, it strikes me as the sort of opportunity you’d be interested in.

Unique M&A Opportunity in Switzerland:

Transaction Consulting has been retained to act as the exclusive financial advisor. For inquiries please refer to: Dr. Marcus Garbe, Managing Partner in Zurich, Switzerland, E: | P: +41-79-3067595.

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