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Do you need a radio station building at all? And free RAIN Summit Europe tickets

October 22, 2018

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RAIN Summit Europe

As you're probably aware, I write a daily podcasting newsletter, Podnews®: and, with RAIN, I'm able to give you complimentary tickets to RAIN Summit Europe, an influential gathering of podcast, radio, research, and technology professionals to discuss digital audio. Attend this full-day event (including lunch and cocktails) at no charge, courtesy of Podnews and RAIN, on Wednesday 7 November at the British Museum in London.

Speakers include Jason Phipps, head of podcasting at the BBC, new research into radio and streaming from Zach Fuller of MIDiA Research, plus speakers from Global, Radionomy, Acast, AdsWizz, Lagardere, IBM iX, Dare, and many others.

I've been to many RAIN Summits, and they're a good place to understand the digital audio industry in a little more detail, as well as network with some of the thought leaders from the industry.

Thanks to Podnews, you can be there at no charge. Just use this exclusive link and get a complimentary ticket. I knew buying Kurt Hanson beer in actual beakers when I was last in Chicago was worth it.


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