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A park bench, how to use your street teams, and talk radio

July 30, 2018

Above... WHYY not? A bench in a park in Philadelphia. There's a speaker in the artificial rock below the bench, playing the Philly NPR station.

Last week's radio links were a little late (for which, my apologies), and this week... well, it's a temporary change of format, partially because I've spent my week in Philadelphia at Podcast Movement.

It was a very unusual conference, reflecting the flatness of the industry: literally anyone can do a podcast, from people like me or the New York Times. Accordingly, there were a bewildering ten tracks of sessions, some talking about maintaining CPMs with programmatic insertions while others talking about how best to use a microphone.

Radio was very visible there: partly because they had their own little bit of conference too. Suspicion between the radio folks and the passion podcasters is still very evident; but it wasn't as bad as my first podcast conference in 2005, where I was shouted at by the indie podcaster crowd for being big media and "not getting it, man". (I wore the same t-shirt on day one).

It was also interesting to see some distinction between the old podcasting people who've been involved for the past thirteen years, and the new VC-backed crowd who've invested heavily to enter the market in the past twelve months. I sensed a feeling that podcasting is moving a little too quickly for the traditionalists.

All that said, I'm going to keep the rest of this newsletter podcast-free for this week, so if you'd like to see a lot of news from Podcast Movement, you're welcome to subscribe (free) to Podnews.

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