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How's that spelt?

How's that spelt?

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Last time around, I mentioned SCA’s new radio app is called LiSTNR - continuing a tradition by radio companies to use a random spelling for a brand that they’ll want to promote on the radio a lot, thus meaning they’ll need to make much of their creative conveying how the thing is spelt, rather than what you can do with it.

True to form, the Hamish & Andy podcast is sponsored by LiSTNR, and, of course, the creative is all about how to spell it. “If it’s an app, then it would obviously be missing a vowel somewhere,” Hamish says, before Andy tells us it’s spelt “L I S T N R” (which is actually missing two vowels, Hamish).

This follows Mediaworks in New Zealand, who named theirs Rova (“Rova with an a”); and, many years ago, GWR Group’s “koko․com” website (now seemingly owned by Asian e-commerce company AliBaba) - “that’s kay-oh-kay-oh”.

Step forward Entercom, who own the brilliant RADIO․COM domain. Super-easy to use on-air, clearly conveys what it is (the word 'radio’ is used by Spotify and Apple too), and… oh.

Someone in marketing has convinced Entercom to change the company name to Audacy, which is fine, I guess, call yourself what you want, even if it is a failed satellite communications company. Knock yourself out.

But they’ve rebranded the supremely simple RADIO․COM app to Audacy as well. Ordasee. OrderC. Ordacey. Audersea. Audacy. Or probably Audacity, since that’s what it’ll be auto-corrected to.

“Will it be obvious when it’s said out loud on the radio?” is a phrase that nobody who owns lots of radio stations seems to know how to say; but surely if you reach 170 million listeners on a monthly basis, as Entercom Audacy does, the very least you’d do is make sure that your new brand works for them?


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