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Conferences, trust, and radio in the car

Conferences, trust, and radio in the car

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Above - a decent new photograph of me in front of a building in Sydney designed by a bloke from Denmark. This was at Podcast Day 24, the first in-person conference I’ve spoken at since March 2020; and I ended up, to my surprise, doing much of the organisation of the speakers and slide wrangling, as well as hosting the event. A tremendously good day, only made slightly more difficult by a sudden lockdown of Melbourne, forcing many of our speakers to be recorded last-minute online. I learnt how to edit video rather quickly!

The snatched conversations over lunch and coffee reminded me of the real benefits of in-person events, and seeing people who you normally email, telephone, or occasionally Zoom. Yes, you can do a conference online, but you miss the random meetings, the chats with people who are new to you, and your friends.

As we begin to come out of restrictions in many parts of the world (though Australia has still shut its international borders, and will continue to do so for many months to come, I fear), I’d suggest that “the conference” is something you should put back onto your list of things to do.

Certified Futurologist

Last time I wrote to you, I noted a new “station” called Australia Today on DAB here in Australia, and opined:

Many SCA stations outside the cap cities take talkback programming from The Ray Hadley Morning Show. Hadley, 66, is a ratings winner; but the show is now owned by Nine Networks, a large competitor to SCA. It’s probably not the worst strategy in the world to be building a talkback service of your own, to pipe into your own stations just in case. After all, Hadley can’t go on forever, and nor can a relationship with one of your biggest competitors.

Guess what they’re doing from the end of June? Why, yes, replacing Ray Hadley with Australia Today. I don’t call myself a “radio futurologist” for no reason, y’know…

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