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James Cridland - radio futurologist
The BBC World Service sees more listeners, and Ceefax lives!

The BBC World Service sees more listeners, and Ceefax lives!

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Above: Kumasi, Ghana - taken while working for the BBC World Service in 2014

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Sorry, by the way, if you felt you’d read the story about Afghanistan radio somewhere before. The way I put this newsletter together is to blame there. I’ve a simple plan to avoid that happening again!

And also, good luck to you if you’re in Lisbon, Portugal, for Radiodays Europe. I’m very jealous you can travel: but it looks like I should be able to be at Podcast Movement Evolutions in March next year, which’ll be a welcome change.

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Thank you to Roy Martin from RadioToday UK; to Paul Easton, music scheduler extraordinare currently working with Jack in Oxford; and to Aimee Blakey, who’s started a new career, for your kind support this week. I’ve been to the new coffee shop. It’s quite OK, though it’s a fifteen minute walk through 39-degree heat.

Thank you, also, to Richard Hilton, and Brun Audio Consulting for your ongoing support of this newsletter. I’m very grateful to you.

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