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International radio trends from the radio futurologist


November 2018

12 November — Is new technology a bad thing for radio?
5 November — Good news in South Africa; Ofcom's localness changes

October 2018

29 October — Podcast measurement - more fractured than radio?
22 October — Do you need a radio station building at all? And free RAIN Summit Europe tickets
15 October — New tech means more choice, and the Apple Podcasts Chart is screwed, so what comes next?
8 October — Why are you in radio anyway? And a beautiful transmitter in Germany
1 October — Personalisation of linear radio; and Pandora bought by SiriusXM

September 2018

24 September — The secret to achieving a growing radio industry?
16 September — Twitter launches a 'live podcasting' service - or, as we know it, radio
10 September — Chris Evans's gamble
3 September — Smart speakers and public radio fans

August 2018

27 August — Object-based media, and a radio station for cats
20 August — Amazon Alexa to come to cars
13 August — Got any funny radio bloopers? Plus, iHeart automates segues
6 August — Media consumption from New Zealand; iHeart adds music discovery playlist

July 2018

30 July — A park bench, how to use your street teams, and talk radio
25 July — Alexa increases online listening by seven times
16 July — German multi-platform radio, and linking to podcasts with least friction
9 July — DAB in Germany; Radio up in New Zealand; Entercom's 'shiny new toy' issue
2 July — BBC Sounds gets launched, longer ads apparently preferred, and Bobby Bones

June 2018

25 June — Google launch Android podcast support; and is voice synthesis part of the future?
18 June — Next Radio speakers announced; and learning radio's future from NPR
11 June — Are we moving to an all-IP future? And NPR increases audience again
4 June — What is a radio, anyway?

May 2018

27 May — Measuring radio's best customers
21 May — A top 10 place on the Apple Podcasts Charts for sale
14 May — The MIDAS touch - RAJAR tells us how people listen to the radio
7 May — Digital radio brings tight targeting opportunities

April 2018

30 April — A prize goes on the first day of a promotion; and is podcasting going to eat radio?
23 April — Bauer's new strategy, and lots of podcast data
16 April — Spotify's car music player, and weekends now last three days in London
9 April — Live radio is... lazy radio?
2 April — Is radio dead? A futurist thinks so...

March 2018

26 March — BBC's switchover plans that aren't; and the right way to deal with iHeart's bankruptcy
19 March — Death of AM, and modern radio's honesty
12 March — Digital-first radio stations, and the Infinite Dial 2018
5 March — HTTPS websites and iHeartMedia possibly bankrupt?

February 2018

26 February — A new kids station in Australia, and a new online station in the UK
19 February — Kyle Sandilands in a new podcast
12 February — Why people enter radio competitions, and the UK's RAJAR figures
5 February — Young people and the radio, Spotify to get more expensive, and personalised ads

January 2018

29 January — Scripps: radio out, podcasting in; and triplej's Hottest 100 shows radio still big for the young
22 January — Slate magazine - a quarter of their revenues come from audio
15 January — Smart speakers: radio's friend, but less so for podcasts
8 January — Small-scale DAB in the UK - how should it work? And good radio station branding
1 January — Dick Orkin dies; BBC switches off more AM transmitters, smart speakers a hit

December 2017

25 December — Australia's christmas sabotage, and UK radio to get deregulated
18 December — BBC and Cumulus both launch smart speaker skills, and a confusing LUFS story
11 December — Radio that makes you feel better, first on Twitter, Global is medium of the year

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